Medicinal Plants and Natural Medicine

Medicinal Plants and Natural Medicine is an Android application. It provides the user details about the medicinal use of plants, according to some references "books"Showing the benefit of each species that is present in our nature.The user who uses this application will benefit from choosing the appropriate herb to help with their well being in life.The main purpose and scope of this application is to make the user know the medicinal use of the plants clearly with their physician.Saves time for the user instead of searching the internet. The user can easily make use of this application from anywhere and at any time.This makes the user free to load heavy books or laptops everywhere.By knowing the benefits of medicinal plants it will be useful to the patients to get relieve from the side effects that arise due to many medicines. The plant's resources can be used to treat the disease.. E.g. Pepper seeds are used to cure throat disease similarly each and every medicinal uses of plants are mentioned in detail in this application.
Operating System Android