- A free alarm clock for deep sleepers with fully customizable alarm profilesRecurring alarms - daily or weekly repeats, intervals, set expiration, etc.One-time alarms - set any dateCountdown alarms - the perfect app for an afternoon siestaWe've made the best effective alarms, so deep and heavy sleepers can wake up with a gradual wake - for free!- Each alarm has its own settingsWake up with a smart gentle alarm and start your day with your favorite song along with real-time weather informationUse challenges (math problems, Captcha, Wi-Fi, NFC, Barcode/QR code) to prevent oversleeping - great for heavy sleepersAdjust snooze time on the flyRestrict alarms to locationsIntegrate your calendar to AMdroidMany more features to tweak your alarms, but easy to familiarize withSet up multiple alarms that work -- even for deep sleepers!- Let you sleep on off-daysEver been roused from a good, deep sleep on a public holiday because the alarm clock wasn't turned off? AMdroid knows the public holidays for your country; alarms won't go off on these days (optional).If you have problems with the widget please contact me at the support email, I will try and help the best I can.
Operating System Android