OARS (Opioid Addiction Recovery Support) is used by providers of MAT programs to improve insight into a patient's recovery progress while promoting ownership and adherence to treatment plans. OARS also provides extensive tools to support patients with recovery from Opioid Use Disorder.Using OARS patients are better connected to, and supported by their healthcare team throughout their recovery journey.This extended connection and support fosters conditions for:Fewer relapsesDecreased in-patient admissions/re-admissionsLess overdose incidentsReduced ER visitsOARS provides your MAT program with real-time reporting and analytics that empower you to make data-driven decisions, fast. OARS provides an increased level of insight into a patient's progress. OARS identifies outliers and trends and can flag areas of concern for investigation and/or intervention.OARS includes secure, encrypted HIPAA compliant messaging with the ability to provide fast and secure channels of communication between you, your staff, and your patients. All communication channels are customizable to support restrictions of when and where messages can be sent and received.Patients can:1)Plot their progress and successes, including input from their healthcare team2)Receive educational support and content from the healthcare team3)Keep a daily journal, log feelings (shared with the healthcare team or kept private)4)Keep a calendar of appointments with reminders5)Securely messaging with their health care team6)Give and receive peer-to-peer support
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