C.A.S.A (Continuing Alumni Support Application) empowers healthcare providers to deliver an increased level of connection, support and after treatment care to patients recovering from SUD, especially in the early stages of recovery post completion of a residential or Intensive Outpatient Program.Using CASA, recovery teams can:- Setup peer-to-peer support groups for their alumni- Organize a digital repository of support materials for storage and distribution- Send ongoing educational and support materials directly to the alumni mobile app- Receive valuable post treatment feedback on how alumni are progressing- Post facility or community-based events with reminders directly to the alumni calendarUsing CASA, the person in recovery can:- Be connected with other alumni to give and receive peer support 24/7- Receive digital content and support material directly to their mobile app- Share and send feedback to their extended or continuous care team- View upcoming events in the areaWe can use this for the description of the of the recovery team side/ alumni app.
Operating System Android