This application has a fun and non-medical purpose. It requires headphones and works like a stethoscope filtering and amplifying the sound from the microphone before the rebroadcast of the headphones.To use it, turn on the application, plug in the headphones, launch listening and as if it were a stethoscope, affix the microphone of the device on the chest at heart level. You can record at any time what you are hearing and then replay or share your recordings on social networks.The quality of listening depends on: -The quality of the microphone equipping your smartphone (or tablet). Following models and brands, the sound quality can range from a clear and audible beat to no beat sound at all. -Your headphones quality. Some devices badly restore low sounds like heart beat and can make listening impossible. To maximize chances to hear your heart, it is necessary to use the application in a totally silent room. For better sound quality, the application also provides user the ability to tune sound filter through parameters. This will allow you to adjust settings to your specific device characteristics. CAUTION: This application does not replace a real medical device and should no be use for medical purposes.Functions:-Listen to your heart
Operating System Android