Suno: Fetal Heartbeat Listener(Needs Suno Device)

Suno - Safest Fetal Heartbeat ListenerAll the fetal Doppler's use Ultrasound technology which can be harmful for the baby. Suno Captures the sounds from your belly and filters the noise to give you the clearest of heartbeats. Suno doesn't use ultrasound and no need for any kind of Gels.Its the cutest and safest option.Suno is made to look safe and feel safe.Suno is made not to look like a medical device and can be easy for mothers to use and It doesn't use ultrasound. Suno device is connected to your mobile for listening to fetal heartbeat.Suno Companion app is your best friend.Suno app lets you hear your baby's heartbeat through mobile speakers or through headphones.You can listen to it all day, everyday without worry of baby safety.Helps to Record and share the Heartbeat.
Operating System Android