Abs Exercise for Fat Burning Anywhere and Anytime

Abdominus Muscle is one of the areas where body fats accumulate.It is possible to get rid off these fats by exercising regularly and scientifically. It may not be possible to get rid of the fat around the belly and buttocks easily.No matter how many sit ups, push ups, crunches or exercises have been done in the gym or at home. All is needed to do it scientifically and following good exercise program routines.This app gives you that possibility for lifespan, organize yourself and keep tracks of exercises done weekly or daily or monthly. This App can be used anywhere and anytime without needing Equipment.The App is suitable for both men and women at any age. Descriptive Exercise robots will guide you through. Also, there is a sound guide to help for correct execution of Exercises.No need the Internet Connection while using this App except connecting to Social Media Platforms. There are total 36 ABS exercises 10 different level of Calorie shown Animation and Voice tutorials reduce injury risks Create your own Exercises Limitless Create Your Weekly Exercises Recording Belly and Weight Measurements Graphics for Calorie and Exercises Creating Resting Time Calendar for Exercises done Reminder Alarm Basic Calculators for BMI; BMR and FAT Get Notifications Language Selection No Need any Equipment No Need the Internet Connection Convenient for beginner or advanced people Prepared by Certified Sport Teacher Our Team is Updating it Regularly App is growing by Social Media connectionsThis application contains exercises as below;Basic Crunch, Flutter Kicks, Leg Raise, Arm Reaching, Heel Touch, Leg up Crunch, Plank Kick, V Crunch, Bicycle Crunch, Vertical Leg, Cross Crunch, Floor Oblique sit up, Side Plank, Gluteus Crunch, Reverse Crunch, V Sit Crunch ,Scissors crunch, Plank Hold, Knee Tuck, Leg Up Bicycle, Superman, Frog Crunch, Side Leg Lift, Mermaid Crunch, Plank Knee Tuck, Spiderman, Leg Lift Stroke, Lumbar Stretch, Wiper, Wide Leg, Scissor Side, One Leg Bridge,Sprinter, Russian Twist, Toe Touch, Crossed Arm sit up. At the moment, We are working on upcoming projects to be reached soon as below :Lose Weight,Fat Burner,Build Muscle,Flat Tummy,Fitness Program,Yoga,Meditation,Stretching,Belly Fat,Gym Exercises,Workout Free,Diet Plan,Health tips,Daily Exercise,Daily Workout program,Body and Fitness,Bodybuilding,Get Fit,Seven- minute Workout,30 Day Exercise,21 Day Exercise. *** PLEASE READ IT *** This application is FREE to Download and has limited functions but You can anytime upgrade it to obtain full functions with No Ads.
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