first aid or doctor tips bangla

First aid is available to the patient before taking the patient to the doctor. Many types of primary medical books or medical apps in bangla can be found now, but there are very few good quality Bengali primary treatment books or medical apps free. This prathomik cikitsa app is presented in the right medicine guide or guide to various types of diseases and medicines. As well as alopathic treatment bengali, homeopathy treatment has become quite popular. Because many side effects are seen in the alopathic medicine bangla treatment system but there is no side effect in the Ayurvedic treatment system. And so the herbal medicine or herbal remedies made by herbal plants in the present time have responded well. Our app has given ideas about many medicine app in bengali so that everyone can provide primary homeopathy medicine app in bangla treatment to anyone in the house. Here many medical guidelines and some doctor tips bangla have been given, so that everyone can benefit from this medicine app. , App download link is here -
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