**This application requires an external accessory called the Muse headband and a subscription with Opti Brain to be used. Visit MyOptiBrain.com to purchase accessories and a subscription today!Have you ever wondered what your brain looks like? Opti Brain allows you to map your brain activity with the help of Muse, the brain sensing headband. Collect and save your brain data from the Muse headband using Opti Brain. In addition, you can make notes or give a grade to your data collection and then create and compare maps of your brain from each collection.Opti Brain is brought to you by Opti Brain, a company dedicated to helping you optimize your performance. Record your brain data during different activities (resting; critical thinking; before, during and after performance based sports and activities; etc.) and compare the patterns in your brain maps. Discover your BETTER THAN BEST brain pattern when you are performing at your full potential!Opti Brain is a sister app to Opti Train. The Opti Train app uses the Muse headband to train you to BETTER YOUR BEST by leading you to your best performance brain pattern. You can view the brain patterns of each saved Opti Train training session in Opti Brain. See what your optimized brain looks like!
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android