Random Reaction Timer

Random reaction timer is a simple app that can improve your reaction.The app has two modes the first is shadow timer which is good for shadow boxing you simply set the time and click the play button and start reacting to the actions or commands you have set. The second mode is the stopwatch counter, the title is self explanatory you set the number of actions you want to do and click the play button and again you wait and react to actions you have set it's that simple. The last page is the playlist, where you make a playlist by checking actions or sounds you want to play and click save,both modes use the same playlist, you can also record your own actions directly from the app and upload your own sound as well and lastly the setting page which you can get to by clicking the gear on the top right corner, this is where you set the intervals. There are two intervals max and min, min interval is the lowest possible time you can wait before a sound is played and max interval is the highest possible time you can wait before a sound is played. Note the interval is in seconds. That's it you done and you can use it for what you want in that sense and sports, Enjoy.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None