VAMDB (Video-Aided Mindful Deep Breathing)

**********************IMPORTANT NOTICE**********************1)Why register account?-To keep your data being opened by other person who has your phone. The account that you register will not be saved online and only save locally in your phone. (You can try to login the account with different phone and will fail).2)Why camera access is needed?-We use your phone camera to measure your heart beat in order to calculate your HRV value.What is this app for?An app to help everyone to reduce stress with an aided deep breathing video (Flower breathing and Bubble breathing) training, adding the heart rate variability for monitoring the changes before after the training.Why deep breathing?Deep breathing or mindful breathing exercises can help us to relax our body, which deep breathing is well known as one of the best ways to lower stress in the body. Every single cycle of deep breathing sends a message to the brain to calm down and relax. When we are engulfing by STRESS, heart rate will increase but if we breath deeply, we are relaxing.Why using video to guide the deep breathing?The video shows a flower with appearing of petals (breathing in) and disappearing of petals (breathing out); and also the expanding (breathing in) and shrinking (breathing out) of bubble to aid or accompany one's to do the deep breathing. According to the research study, the suggested deep breathing for 6 full cycle in one minutes is recommended to avoid hyperventilation. Here, the video with appropriate timing for deep breathing is guided. With a wander mind, guided object can help to let us stay focus on it and feeling relax in short duration.What is heart rate variability (HRV) and why do user is encouraged to do the measurement for before and after the deep breathing training ?Heart rate variability (HRV) is the physiological phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heartbeats. It is a non invasive tool in stress management with deep breathing. With this app, user needs not to purchase external HRV device to do measurement. You can focus on two aspects,1. HRV measurement reliability and repeatability.2. HRV baseline values.User may use the HRV baseline values (before training) to compare with the result after deep breathing training. HRV baseline values is relevant in the context of longitudinal changes and comparisons. You need to have a higher HRV, which reflecting your heart achieving a more time constant heart beat rhythm. Anyhow, deeper breaths increase your HRV. This app is enabling user to monitor their HRV reading daily to reduce stress with the guided deep breathing video.Reducing stress can improve people's health according to research study.Support: Up to Android Kit Kat 4.4 and aboveHow it works:1. Registration for new user2. Login with registered user3. Select option on to measure the perception of stress.a. Measure with Initial Value(For first time user, it is suggested to measure with initial value)b. Measure without Initial Value4. Place your index finger dip gently on the camera window for heart rate variability measurement (HRV) before deep breathing attention training.5. Wait for 3 short minutes where the time duration is showed on the top right hand corner of the phone.6. Choose the type of the Deep Breathing attention training (Flower or Bubble).7. Check the Stress Data on History8. Enjoy VAMDBHave fun! May you be well and happy always =)
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