Lifter Log

Lifter Log is an ad-free app that helps lifters record their progress over time. Features include:Workouts- Choose from a list of built-in exercises to create a custom workout- Create a workout from a built-in workout template- Create custom exercises and save them for reuse- Save an entire workout for reuse- Edit saved and built-in exercises- Edit saved and built-in workouts- Search saved and built-in exercises by muscle groupFoods- Record the foods you eat each day- Create custom food items and save them for reuse- View total calories, protein, fat, and carbs for any dayPhotos- Capture photos- Perform side-by-side comparisons of photos to evaluate progress- Share your photos, including side-by-sides, to social media and other appsOne rep max- Use the calculator to estimate your one rep max for a given number of reps and amount of weight- With the calculator, you can also output a percentage of your one rep max (less than 100%)Graph- Graph weight lifted for a given number of reps on a given exercise over time- Graph your one rep max on an exercise over time- Graph your body weight alongside your lifts to visualize the relationship between the twoOther- Review past workouts and plan future workouts by selecting different days on the calendar- Record your body weight for a given day- Set preferred weight units, separately for lifts and body weight, to kg or lb
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None