Fitness et musculation is a physical activity designed to improve both its cardiovascular performance and its silhouette. You can use it in addition to your dry if you wish, or even to improve your physique clearly if you practice "true fitness".Fitness et musculation Designed by a professional fitness trainer, This application allows you to create your own program that will meet your needs, and also is a vast database of exercises for each muscle, with a detailed description and video for each exercise. In addition, our application provides workout plans for bodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness. Why pay for expensive instructors when you can do it yourself ?One Week Workout Routine for Building Muscle!* IN THIS APPLICATION THERE ARE OVER 150 EXERCISES TO IMPROVE 9 TYPES OF MUSCLES:- Abdos- Back- Biceps- Veal- Chest- Forearm- Legs- Shoulders- Triceps*THERE IS ALSO A TRAINING PLAN:- Bodybuilding- Launch of Powerlifting- Fitness*AND FINALLY THE CHARACTERISTICS- Exercises with video support for each workout- Instruction text with images for each exercise- Ability to create customized training plans- Support of 14 languages and you can easily change the languagefinalty There are several languages available: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish. Users can change between English and other languages by setting in the languages.
Operating System Android