Walking Tracker - Couch to 5km

The Best Step Counter / Pedometer / Run Tracker that can take care of all your running and walking fitness accurately. Five star Best Step Counter with more features including pedometer , Calorie counter . A run tracker with calorie burn . The top fitness tracker/run tracker for walking,runing and jogging A healthy life awaits you. Join us immediately. Start living healthy now.Walking Day - Run Tracker is not just another Pedometer Walking app and Calorie counter. It's an ultimate step tracker app with sensor and GPS based tools, Runactive - Total Fitness sports tracker step counter can easily track your running and walking along with couch to 5k or couch to 10k activities by simply keeping it in your pocket like a pedometer walking app . The walking distance tracker feature will be your fitness pal if you are looking forward to take your fitness and bodybuilding to the next level. The calorie counter feature will simultaneously track your burned calories & fitness calories while the step counter is active. You can stay healthy by doing fitness.Fitness gives you confidence.Fitness is the best way to attract the attention of the environment.The most beautiful and fun part of doing fitness is walking. The best way to walk for a healthy life. this step counter-pedometer app allows you couch to 5-10k encourages you. Everyday couch to 5-10k. Run tracker features count your steps as you walk. Step Counter - Pedometer you will love to walk.
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