Weight & Waist Guardian - simple weight tracker

This free, simple weight tracker app belongs to one of the apps that help you lose weight by tracking your body measurements: waist circumference, body fat percentage and BMI (you will be able to find out if you have healthy Body Mass Index). Set your goals and start monitoring body changes! Data can be watched on a chart or on a list that contains more information. In this lite weight tracker, you can even add a photo of your body, so you will be able to compare it after you reach your next milestone for example.This daily weight recorder will be useful not only when you want to lose fat, but also if you want to gain mass or control your BMI and body fat - there is included body mass index calculator and body fat percentage calculator *For measurements, you can use different units: kilograms or pounds and centimeters or feet/inches (height, waist circumference).Supported languages: English, Polish* Body fat calculator uses simple, mathematical formula and result can be inaccurate, but you can also manually set it, if you want.
Operating System Android