Breathmix - Biofeedback Breath Pacer

My heart rate coherence breath pacerPerforming paced breathing exercises with biofeedback was shown to be incredibly beneficial: Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression Promotes relaxation Increases focus Relieves stressBreathmix combines both a breathing app and a heart rate coherence trainerwhich gives you all the tools you need to preform breathing exercises and improve your life, one breath at a time.Try Breathmix onlineTo try an online version of Breathmix right now, head to:'s inside? Interactive tutorial - to get you started, step by step Biofeedback mode - coherence heart trainer, uses heart rate to guide breathing Heart rate graph - see your heart rate pattern as you practice Resonance finder - finds your perfect breathing tempo Simple mode - user defined breathing pattern (inhale, hold, exhale,rest) Guide sounds - use with or instead of visual guide Ambient audio - relaxing atmospheric audio tracks Vibration - use in addition to sounds and visuals Mental battery - keep it charged by practicing regularly How does it work?When using your mobile camera, Breathmix monitors your pulse through your finger. It adjusts your breathing to match the rhythm of your heart. This method of paced breathing is called Resonance Breathing or Coherence Breathing. You can learn more in this study: the camera is not available, you can choose a comfortable breathing pattern and tempo instead. If you previously used biofeedback mode and calculated your resonance (your body's optimal number of breaths per minute) - Breathmix will help you set it as your breathing tempo. We hope you will find this app useful. Stay relaxed,The Breathmix team :)
License Free
Version 1.5
Operating System Android