Chrono-Acupuncture Pro

This is the pro version of Chrono-AcupunctureWhat is Chrono Acupuncture?Chrono acupuncture is a branch of acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine that manifests the rhythmic flow of Qi in human meridians and provides the best point selections for maintaining the flow of Qi in human body.Functions:1. This software provides LingGuiBaFa, FeiTengBaFa, ZiWuLiuZhuNaZiFa and ZiWuLiuZhuNaJiaFa for chrono-acupuncture open points.2. Time bases:a. System time : the time displayed according to the local time zone.b. Mean solar time : UTC adjusted by GPS longitude signals.c. Real solar time : mean solar time adjusted by daily earth rotational speed aberration.3. Languages:a. Chinese (traditional)b. Chinese (simplified)c. English4. Provide three functional mode for open point selection:a. instant open points.b. select open points by user set time.c. select time by user set open point.
Operating System Android