Annex Lab Nutrition is a professional nutrition system that encompasses everything you need to be successful in your diet regardless of your dietary preferences. Macro Tracker? Our app offers a complete food database that makes tracking and logging your macros easier than ever before. Search each item out by name or scan a barcode to find and log your food, all while the app keeps a constant countdown of your caloric and macro allotment for the day. Need more structure? Trying to meet a weigh-in deadline? Just want a more streamline process to meeting your aesthetic goals? The Annex Lab Nutrition App also offers personalized Meal Programs provided by World-Class Weightlifter and M.S of Kinesiology, Caitlin Hogan. Every program is set up in accordance to your individual measurements, goals, food preferences, and caloric/macronutrient needs. Where this system really goes above and beyond all other nutrition apps on the market is with our one-of-a-kind Food Exchange feature. Sick of eating chicken, simply tap the food, and choose from a list of like-macro items to swap out without ruining the rest of your day's calories and macros. With access to the app, you receive personalized meal programs, grocery lists of each program, daily caloric/macro goals, weight goals, and direct access to messaging Caitlin with any questions in regards to your plan. The Annex Lab App takes all the guess work out of your diet.Step up your goals with Apple Health integration! With step and calorie counting with Apple Health you can now stay on track with up to date daily activity syncing. To enable automatic syncing with Apple Health, login to your profile, go to Settings and activate "Enable Apple Watch Sync."How it works: Once you set up your Annex Lab Membership, you'll be taken through an initial assessment to take your current measurements and establish your goals. You'll then be sent a username and password to the Annex Lab App. This login will give you access to your personalized meal program and corresponding grocery list recommended by Caitlin Hogan. The Annex Lab Cloud account also allows you to log anywhere at any time with the ability to look back and see your progress as you continue your pursuit towards perfecting your diet. All logged information can then be viewed and monitored by your nutrition counselor for better coaching and compliance to your personal program.NOTE: TO SET UP YOUR ANNEX LAB ACCOUNT, PLEASE EMAIL US AT INFO@FOURTHSTREETANNEX.COM
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