30 DAYS FREE! 50% OFFER: Only 11,99 instead of 24,99/year. Cloud backup and updates included!SHEN-ATLAS OF ACUPUNCTUREIn the app you will find the complete Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture - a reference book with over 1000 pages and more than 400 high quality acupuncture charts. The Atlas of Acupuncture is easy to use and is optimiced for working on small screens, such as a smartphone or tablet.SEARCH AND POWER SEARCH!Search the complete atlas in a few seconds for diseases, indications and TCM diagnoses. The search facility of the Shen Acupuncture app makes your work uncompromising and fast. Searching 1000 pages of the acupuncture atlas for "asthma" takes only a fraction of a second and does not require Internet connection.TCM DIAGNOSTICS WITH PRACTICE-RELEVANT EXPERTISEClearly structured, the Shen Acupuncture app contains practical expertise on pathogenic Factors, patterns of Substances, Zang Fu, and -NEW- as well as the 8 Extraordinary Vessels.MYDATABASE FOR NOTES, IMAGES, AUDIO AND ACUPUNCTURE POINTSWhether taking notes on patients, treatment ideas, to do lists, images for tongue diagnostics, audio or results of your point searches - MyDatabase in the Shen Acupuncture app stores everything.- Create your own categories for notes, patients, diseases, etc.- Save any text, image, audio or acupuncture points- Import point combinations stored in MyBasket directly to patients or disease images- Store images for the patient's tongue diagnostics- Don't worry about data loss: Create a backup and you can re-import your data at any time and from any device.SUPPORTHelp is one click away. Our support team is ever ready to answer your queries. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question or request.DO NOT MISS: FREE Shen-Newsletter with Qi Jing Ba Mai e-course!Learn to diagnose and treat Chong Mai disorders with an ease - free ecourse at
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