DoctalkCare Health Care Secretary

DoctalkCare is an app that measures the user's liveliness by using its unique tracking algorithm and the data analyzed from facial recognition, facial landmarks, expression, heart rate and etc. The technologies used for this data are MIT Open Source, Google Vision API, and Microsoft Face API.The Open Source provided by MIT is a technique called Eulerian Video Magnification(EVM). This technology allows us to track variation of individual pixels over time and exaggerate the differences. Thus, able to measure the movements in the blood vessels, which allows us to measure the heart rate. Added to EVM are mobile technologies to increase accuracy and mobility.Google Vision API and Microsoft Face API analyzes the facial expressions and facial landmarks such as the eye, nose and mouth. By converging all three technologies, we are able to accurately track the liveliness of the user. Use DoctalkCare so that you can get a daily, weekly check up of your health conditions.[DoctalkCare Main Function]1) Measure blood pressure, pulse, fatigue, and stress index through real-time face analysis and finger blood circulation recognition2) Notification of health analysis reportThere are 10 condition result categories availiable for analysis results of fatigue and blood pressure measurements.3) Daily Analysis and Result StorageMeasure my condition everyday, save it, and check for changes in my health4) Sharing with your friends on SNSShare and let your friends know your current health status.5) Receommend a doctor in emergency situationsStay connected and keep in touch with your doctor through our mobile doctor service, DocTalkDoctalkCare is not a medical instrument, but a utility service that allows users to conveniently measure their heart rate and condition. Please keep in mind there may be slight measurement errors due to the use of built in camera. Please be sure to check the exact details with your doctor.
Operating System Android