Music to meditate: Dream, yoga, relaxation

Help to sleep and relax. Breathe deeply, leave your mind blank and hear wonderful quality white sounds and musical melodies that will help you sleep and relax as you never did before.Have you had a bad day and need to relax?Do you have a lack of sleep or insomnia?Do you need to relax from daily stress?Do you need 5-10 minutes of relaxation to forget everything?Do you need to free your mind of negative thoughts?Do you want sounds or relaxing music to do yoga or sport?With the help of this app and its fantastic soft environmental music you can do meditations, relax or fall asleep in a simple and intuitive way.Thanks to our timer, you can mark the time the session will last or when the player will turn off, in case you fall asleep.It can help you in many situations such as calming anxiety, eliminate stress, have a deep sleep, improve concentration, self-esteem, calm and happiness. It is always good to meditate and if it is with HD sounds much better.Sounds of the forest, the sea, rain, delta waves, shamanic meditation, etc ...Features:- Light App, sounds are played in streaming over the Internet, for which we recommend being connected to your WiFi.- Timer with a duration from 15 minutes to 3 hours- Great variety of sounds and music. We will periodically add new melodies.- Simple and attractive design.
Operating System Android