Daily Yoga for Health & Fitness - 30 days of Yoga

30 days yoga challenge to challenge yourself and get started on daily yoga practices. Yoga helps you to concentrate, focus easily, sleep better and relax your body.What you learn in this course of 30 days,- Yoga for beginners - Where to start- Daily yoga lessons- Healing and Meditation Yoga- Total Body Yoga- Six packs abs Yoga- Yoga for the Back- Yoga to help reduce anxiety, fear, etc.,- Sun Salutation practice- Yoga for Spinal Health- Improve endurance- Breathing & Body yoga- Happiness boost yoga- Heart practice- Freedom and forgiveness- Dancing Yoga- Flexible and fearless- Playful yoga- Sweet Surrender- Find what feels good- How to start learning yoga - Stretch and Sootheand many more...DISCLAIMER: The content provided in this app is hosted by YouTube and is available in public domain by youtube api. We do not upload or add videos to YouTube or in this app. This app is just an organized way to browse and view these YouTube Videos. We do not claim the videos, audios or other contents. The graphics and other content are the property of respective copyright holders.Remember that this is an unofficial app and not affiliated with the video publisher, and is simply an easy interface to access publicly available videos.Please contact us for any suggestions, feedback or issues.
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