U Sleep is your best sleep companion.Learn about your sleep patterns, connect your daily habits to your sleep quality to make good sleep a habit.- Just place the unnoticeable U Sleep Monitor on your mattress under your bed sheet and go to sleep - no gadgets to wear, no buttons to push.- In the morning you'll get uniquely comprehensive and accurate results, which you can follow over time with long-term trend views to mark your progress.- Tag and follow daily activities and connect them to nighttime results so you can make make changes and see results. It's the only system designed to solve sleep, not just track it!COMPREHENSIVE SLEEP RESULTSOnly U Sleep gives you the full picture of your sleep with measurement of:- Sleep- Heart rate- Respiration- Snoring- Bedroom temperature and humidityUnlike standalone apps and wearable devices, U Sleep knows that better sleep starts with not thinking about it- Nothing to wear: Just place the soft, thin, mattress-gripping sensor under the bed sheet, plug the sensor into an outlet, and sleep naturally. Unlike standalone apps and activity trackers, there's nothing to remember wearing, pushing, or charging, and no clunky gadgets cluttering your night stand. Nothing to distract you from sleeping!- Automatic measurement: Measure sleep without pushing any buttons. After positioning the sensor and setting up the app, sleep sessions are triggered by just lying on the sensor.- Smart Alarm: Wake up refreshed from a light stage of sleep.Join us and enjoy your sweet dream!
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