A Flexible ApproachThis app is unique in that it lets you see your readings in THREE different ways, or 'modes'. These modes are:- standard- traffic light- target valuesThe 'standard' mode is based on the universally accepted values for the different stages of blood pressure. The 'traffic light' mode uses just three bands of green, amber and red. Lastly, the 'target values' mode allows you set values for systolic and diastolic and the bands will be coloured green and red.On the settings page you also have total control over the six standard ranges if you want to change these.Interactive ChartsThe accompanying charts will reflect the mode you have chosen for consistency. Tapping an area of the chart will display the value associated with it. Also, tapping the legend will toggle that item on the display.The lastest readings chart allows from 1-4 weeks of data to be displayed, controlled by a dropdown. The other two charts will allow 1-12 months of data to be displayed.ReadingsReadings are taken using sliders for diastolic, systolic and pulse. There is also a 'notes' field for any additional information you would like to capture.This Pro version also lets you speak your reading and speak your notes. See accompanying screen shot.FiltersThe main readings list can be filtered in the following ways:- date (month/year)- good and bad (for systolic and diastolic)- category (dependant on selected mode)Export and ImportYou can export data by month into CSV format. Data can also be imported in this way, although you can import as much as you like, no month restriction.
Operating System Android