Amplio allows health and fitness professionals to easily connect with their clients remotely. By staying in touch with your clients, you can effortlessly increase compliance and help them reach their health and recovery goals even faster. Simplified compliance and ease of use will empower your client to continue their exercises and stay on the course to better health.Features and benefits for health and fitness professionals:Grow Your Business================- Promote additional services you offer, directly from the app- Connect to add-ons allowing you to extend your business and services (YouTube, MyFitnessPal, Facebook, and PayPal)Empower Your Clients==================- Build and deliver customized workouts, including clear and concise videos of each exercise- Edit personalized client exercises quickly and easily- Access exercises via user-friendly interface- Allows your clients to do their "homework" by watching the videos and repeating the exercises which can be done anywhere, anytimeMessage in the app and connect with your clients in real time
Operating System Android