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Having trouble with a porn addiction is a real thing, and not many people are willing to admit that. It is a way of life for many people, but some do not understand how much of an impact being a porn addict has on your life. Watching porn changes the way that you view the world and changes the way that you view women for the worse!Porn Addiction Calendar addresses the need to stop watching porn, and helps you become accountable for making the changes happen!Features:1. 40 Motivational quotes that will help you overcome your addiction to porn.2. 10 Science based facts about porn addiction, and reasons to stop watching porn.3. Daily ticker that keeps you motivated to succeed.4. Add reasons why you would like to see yourself succeed. 5. Our special panic button will help take your mind off of having an urge to watch porn by showing you pictures of puppies.6. Our badge system allows you to be rewarded for your success. Here are our top 10 reasons to stop watching porn now:1. Porn addiction destroys your sex lifeYou may have heard that watching porn with a partner can ignite a more satisfying sex life, but the countless hours of scientific research would suggest otherwise. Even light exposure to pornography can cause both men and women to become less interested in their partners looks and performance sexually.2. Being addicted to porn may cause erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction was nearly unheard of in men under 35 before the days of internet porn addiction. Now, with the easy accessibility of internet porn, men may experience erectile dysfunction in their teens and twenties. Studies have shown that this is caused by a combination of lowered pleasure chemicals in the brain as well as the users propensity to consume porn alone, in front of a screen, which makes it difficult to be aroused by a real life partner.3. Porn is highly addictiveJust like with drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, when someone consumes porn, their brain is flooded with a feel good chemical known as dopamine. After viewing porn consistently, a persons brain is inundated with dopamine, and the brain responds by shutting down dopamine receptors. With fewer receptors, the brain cannot respond to dopamine in the same way. If you are a porn addict, join the no porn movement.4. Porn fuels sex traffickingThere are plenty of young women who enter the porn industry on their own free will, but many of the performers in porn are victims of human trafficking, often recruited by the use of violence or threats. Quit porn now and help the fight5. Porn addiction negatively affects your relationshipsThe more porn a person consumes, the more likely they are to associate pleasure with a fake fantasy. This makes it harder to become aroused by a real person, or be interested in a relationship. This causes porn users to be alienated from their partners, and puts people at risk for psychological problems.6. Porn addiction destroys a persons body imageBecause of the fact that most of the performers in porn are often touched up with makeup, cosmetic surgery, or photoshop, porn addicts are regularly exposed to unrealistic depictions of the human body. This causes porn users to become more likely to feel badly about the way that they look.7. Porn can cause psychological problemsPorn is often watched by a user in secret, which can leave a porn addict feeling shameful, insecure, and lonely. This makes users much more susceptible to psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, and body image issues.8. Porn promotes violence against womenWomen in porn that are being abused are being directed to pretend that they are enjoying it. This give a porn addict unrealistic expectations of what women are looking for in a sexual partner, and may lead to unwanted aggression or violence. Stop watching porn!9. Porn addiction is dangerous to children and teens... Download Porn Addiction Calendar for FREE to quit being addicted to porn and read more!
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