Best Boiled Egg Diet Plan

Introducing Best Boiled Egg Diet Plan apps! These apps contains list of benefits about Eggs consumption and the summary about the Diet. Boiled Egg Diet Plan claim to lose weight up to 24 pounds in just two weeks! The main ingredients in this diet are eggs.The eggs are healthy food which contain lots of nutrients, high-protein, good fats, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, eggs provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients for your body. This diet has simple rules. You must not eat junk foods or snacks such as burgers and sweets. Limit the salt and sugar consummation and avoid alcohol.This apps provide you 7 Days Meal Plan which are simple, repetitive and easy references.Apps Features:- About the Diet (Overview, Ways to prepare different types of boiled eggs, fruit substitutions for citrus fruits)- 7 Days Repetitive Meal Plan (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Best time schedule for each meal)- The benefits of Egg (Why eggs is good for you?)- Apps info (Apps guides/ Privacy Policy / Disclaimers/ Apps Share)Important notes:This Boiled Egg Diet plan is very high in protein, therefore, you should consult your doctor before you begin with this type of diet. The two weeks menu is very simple and repetitive. You can also add some workouts so you can have even better results. Make sure you use only organic eggs during the diet process.We wish you good luck and all the best in this diet program!
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