Psychologist: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Couples

ifeel: THERAPY FOR OUR TIMESifeel helps people overcome the challenges of everyday life with the support of licensed and specialised online psychologists. Something worrying you or creating feelings of anxiety or depression? Going through a tough time with your partner or in your relationship? Is your self-esteem is a bit low lately? Your work or studies are a main source of stress? At ifeel you'll find the help you need and deserve. We created ifeel so everyone can have access to the best personalised, professional, affordable and confidential psychological online therapy.HOW IT WORKSYour experience begins when you register and fill out a brief questionnaire to gather some basic psychological and biographic data that helps us get to know you better. Then you'll enter a confidential and anonymous virtual chat with one of our psychological advisors for your free first consultation. The entire communication in ifeel occurs by chat, and from the very first moment you get to talk with a mental health professional: he or she will explain how our service works and guide in starting your online therapy with one of our psychologists.Each one of our online therapy plans is designed to meet different types of problems (e.g. anxiety, depression, couples, stress), that's why the first consultation is so important since it allows us to identify the psychologist who is right for you in particular. Your psychological advisor will match you with the online psychologist best suited to your needs and preferences. Your online therapy starts once you're matched.At ifeel we believe psychological therapy should be something more fluid and continuous. Once we match you with your personal therapist, you'll enter your "virtual online therapy room", created just for you. This room is open 24h and is completely private and confidential. In this virtual chat room only you and your personal psychologist can write and read. This will be the place where you and your online psychologist will work together to reach your goals.GREAT PSYCHOLOGISTS, TINY PRICESOne of the reasons people don't go to therapy is because of how difficult it is to find the right therapist. At ifeel a team of more than 100 licensed and specialised online psychologists is here to make sure you always get the most personalised treatment. All of our professionals are board-certified and insured psychologists, all registered at their respective official psychology institutions. They have all been selected and adequately trained in our method, and receive periodical and continuous professional training and supervision.Another reason why people decide not to start therapy is because of the cost. As opposed to face-to-face psychological therapy that can cost around â?¬80 per session, ifeel offers daily interaction with your licensed psychologist for a few euros a day. For just â?¬24,99 a week you can get unlimited messages with the psychologist best suited to your needs.AREAS OF IMPROVEMENTOur online psychologists have helped our patients in these areas:- therapy to overcome depression without medication- therapy to learn dealing with anxiety (e.g. social anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, etc.)- solve relationship problems with our couples therapy- relaxation techniques to manage and relieve stress- techniques to improve your social skills and effective communication- methods for self-improvement and many more...CONTACTAsking for help takes courage. If you're still not ready to take the step and need a little help, drop us a line. Write us if you have a question, doubt or suggestion, we answer every message as quickly as possible:
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