There's nothing worse than itchy skin. And there's nothing stronger, it seems, than that urge you get to scratch the itchy patch with all the ferocity you can muster. That sense that, if only you could just scratch it hard enough, you could scratch that itch out of existence. Even though you know it's not going to happen. Even though you know it would be much better to stop scratching altogether.Good advice is not easy to follow - especially to stop scratchingIf you've been along to the doctor with your skin problems, you will undoubtedly have been given entirely well intended advice to stop scratching. They make it sound so easy. Just stop! But you already know that it's very hard to stop. You're pretty lucky if the advice included any handy tips on how to make it easier. It can feel as if you are all alone with an implacable, unconquerable foe. And they're winning.Your skin is in control of the itch/scratch cycleThe real challenge you've got is that the itch/scratch cycle isn't fully under your conscious control. The skin is the body's largest organ, and the most complex after the brain. It is the barrier between what's 'inside' you and what's 'outside' you, and it is the 'border guard' checking all movements both ways. Inflammations and infections are dealt with by the 'border police' (your immune system). You have very little say!Attention is crucial if you want to stop scratchingFortunately, the little say you do have is over a crucial area. You are in charge of your attention. And when you know how to direct your attention in an appropriate way, you can dramatically lessen the effects of irritation and damp down the desire to scratch. Which, in turn, gives the skin a better chance to get on with healing itself.But just how can you use your attention to stop scratching?Hypnosis is the easiest way to control attention and stop scratchingStop scratching is an audio hypnosis session which is exclusively focused on the brain's attention mechanisms and how to use them effectively to soothe itchiness and irritation and keep the urge to scratch under control.Stop scratching will allow you to experience for yourself what it is like to use your attention in a wholly new way to alter your perceptions. It's easy and enjoyable. It's relaxing and healing. The more you listen to it, the more skilful you will become at ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible in your own skin. Which has got to be the best place to be comfortable.Download Stop scratching and begin to enjoy a whole new world of comfort.
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