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Build a Big Chest: The Best Chest Workout for MassBuilding a big & powerful chest can be a challenge if you are focusing on the wrong exercises and reps.In this application, we are going to cover the best chest workout that will help you build a thick, strong set of pecs while also increasing your strength & power.The Major Problems With Your Current Chest WorkoutThe main problem with almost every chest workout routine is that it only focuses on the middle portion of the chest with basic exercises like the barbell bench press and dumbbell fly.An impressive chest has developed every section of the pectorals - most importantly the upper chest (pectoralis major).Developing a chiseled upper chest will set you apart with your physique and will give people the illusion that your chest is bigger than it really is.It will make you look awesome in V-neck's, and also put your bench press numbers through the roof - a double win!Another problem is that some people are under the impression that big chests are built with pec flys, machines, and high reps: not the case. In this article we will discuss what actually works.Developing The Upper Chest for Maximum Aesthetics & StrengthHaving a really well developed chest starts with your mindset to training. Most lifters simply think that they want a "big chest", but to get a full chest you have to develop each section of your pectorals.This is the difference between having an aesthetic physique and not.If your lower chest is too big and you have a very undeveloped upper chest, it may give off the illusion that you have "man boobs" instead of chiseled pectoral muscles.Developing both pec major and pec minor will have a dramatic effect on aesthetics & strength. Take a strategic approach to chest training for maximum development of all sections.In this app you can build a great chest without drugs. It just takes a bit of know-how, hard work, and patience.If you like this app, please rate for us 5 star to support us improve it better.Thanks so much!
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