Healthy Path is the new mobile companion to the Cerner Wellness Health Portal. Using cutting-edge technology, members can take a more active role in their health and wellness by conveniently tracking and managing data while on the go!Key features include:- Incentives - View incentive campaign information, track incentives earned, and complete Healthy Habits.- Steps Tracking - View current and historical steps data.- Physical Activity Tracking - View current and historical physical activity data.- Wellness Assessment - Complete the Wellness Assessment questionnaire, obtain a Wellness Score, and view/edit responses following completion.- Wellness Advisor - View health risk information after completing the Wellness Assessment.- Screening Results - View current screening results data acquired from various sources.- Events - View and register for upcoming events.- Weight Tracking - View current and historical weight data.- Connections - Connect or disconnect data tracking applications/devices.- Goals - Access and define a Wellness Statement, daily steps goal, and weight goal.
Operating System Android