Calisthenics (also called bodyweight fitness) is back in vogue all across the world. We are proud to bring you an application that will be by your side throughout your calisthenics training experience.Can't do a pull-up? Don't worry! We will guide you from beginner-level exercises all the way through to the challenging ones. Want to learn how to do muscle-ups? Our program will prepare you for this complex move step by step. On the way, you will learn many variations of push ups, leg and ABS exercises. First of all, calisthenics will help you to increase endurance, strength, body shape and general health.With our app, anyone can achieve their workout goals safely and using correct form.- three levels- instructional video for every exercise- 90 workouts in base version- 379 bodyweight workouts in PRO version!- training tips, progress statistics.You can test the application by installing the base version at first.Street workout!
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