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The Heart Beat Rate app uses your smartphone camera as a heart rate monitor. enjoythe baby heartbeat monitor is an app. You can put the camera phone on the belly of the pregnant mother to see the pulse of the baby's.¦the baby's heartbeat monitor: There's nothing quite like hearing your child's baby heartbeat monitor fluttering for the first time, right? Baby Heartbeat is an app that allows mothers and fathers all over the world to record their baby's heartbeat and share it with their loved ones. There are no additional accessories needed - just remove the cover from your device and attach the microphone to the lower abdomen area. The free version allows you to record up to 10 seconds of your baby's heartbeat for free! in app baby's heartbeat monitor.¦Baby heartbeat listener allows pregnant women and dads to listen to, record and share their unborn baby's heartbeat through the abdomen. This application baby heartbeat monitor has a fun and non-medical purpose. heartbeat It requires headphones and works like a stethoscope filtering and amplifying the sound from the microphone before the rebroadcast of the headphones. This application baby heartbeat monitor does not work with the headset.¦The quality of listening depends on baby heartbeat monitor.-The presumed date of birth. baby's heartbeat starts to be audible after approximately 30 weeks of gestation. -The position of your baby. It is necessary to place the microphone in the back of the baby's. In some positions, it is impossible to hear his heart. He just needs to wait until your baby position has changed to be able to hear his heart again in app baby heartbeat monitor. -The quality of the microphone equipping your smartphone (or tablet). Following models and brands, the sound quality can range from a clear and audible beat to no beat sound at all. -Your headphones quality. Some devices badly restore low sounds like your baby's heart beat and can make listening impossible. ¦We advise you the first time to exercise you with listening to your own heart. If the sound is clear and audible, you are likely to hear your baby heart beat. ¦To maximize chances to hear your baby's heart, it is necessary to use the application baby heartbeat monitor in a totally silent room. ¦For better sound quality, the application baby heartbeat monitor also provides the user the ability to tune sound filter through parameters. This will allow you to adjust settings to your specific device characteristics. ¦CAUTION: This application baby heartbeat monitor does not replace a real medical device and should no use for medical purposes. This application baby heartbeat monitor provides no indication or information on the health of your baby. ¦Functions: for baby heartbeat monitor.-Listen to the heart of your unborn baby and record it-Play and replay your recordings as much as you want-Share your best recordings as video (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)enjoys in baby heartbeat monitor pro apps thanks
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