Pedometer-Six pack shortcut

The "pedometer" is a device which records the numbers of your footsteps you walked, distance, walking time, speed per hour and displays the numbers of total calories that you burned. Now you can count your footsteps, burn calories, the distance you travel and your time of walking by your smartphone. Walking is a best exercise and fitness requirement. This android app works like a physical pedometer. This exercise apps so simple and very easy in use! Just click on the start button and put your smartphone in your pocket and start walking. This pedometer app can calculate all the data (walking time, distance and current speed) etc.Pedometer is also the best application for exercises to lose weightApplication Features;- It can calculate the speed and distance- It can count the steps per minute - It can calculate the walking steps- It can display the total calories you burn- It can count the average speed and current speed- It can also contain exercise tips- Pedometer give a chance to done best exercise while pregnantOther Features;- This app works with blind screen which can save the phone battery - This app has beautiful graphic designs- This app has no locked features- ThisSecurity;- This app can secure your privacy 100%.- No login requires - No personal data collecting or selling- Don't access to user contacts- Note;- Enter your data accurately to ensure that the app counting the steps accurately- Make sure your smartphone is fully updated to allow counting while screen is off
Operating System Android