The free CardiaCare app will help you keep your heart healthy. Use CardiaCare to:Learn- Recognise symptoms that might indicate that you're having a heart-attack. - Get a tip a day on how to reduce your risk of being affected by cardiovascular disease. Track- Keep a record of your medication and set reminders to take your pills on time. - Track how often you exercise, get motivated to exercise more often. - Note down your stress levels and get insights on how to keep stress in check. - Kick the smoking habit - log the number of cigarettes you smoke to help you quit. - Measure your progress by entering your weight.- Keep a record of your blood test results to pull up when you visit your doctor.All records are stored locally on your phone and are not accessible by any third party unless you specifically share them during an emergency. Locate- Find a heart-attack-ready hospital* close to where you are.Call- In case of an emergency related to chest pain, call for an ambulance. - Send a pin to a contact to help locate the patient who needs emergency help.Sync- When you reach a hospital with chest pain, you can choose to upload health-related data that is collected by the hospital via the app to help you save precious time.CardiaCare is brought to you by the STEMI India Charitable Trust. STEMI India aims to bring about universal access to heart-attack care. * A hospital that implements the STEMI India Model for treatment of heart attack or a hospital with a cath lab capable of treating STEMI, the deadliest form of heart attack.
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