smartER-Care is a proprietary algorithm based ranking application for Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Centers to help you choose the right care setting in every aspect. Not just search and select but also take advantage of several rich features supported by our partner health networks.FIND ERs and URGENT CARE CENTERS THE SMART WAYYou are unwell and need care ASAP? Grabbing your car keys and driving to the nearest hospital may not be the best choice. Several search results without any indication of the most appropriate choice does not help either.Know before you go;- Where to go, ER or an Urgent Care Center?- What is the wait time?- How many patients are already waiting?- How long to get there?- How well is the location rated?- Is my insurance accepted?and a lot more useful information is provided whenever possible.CUSTOM CARE RECOMMENDATIONSFirst of its kind solution to take into consideration patient information and symptoms, in addition to several other important metrics to provide a prioritized list of ERs and UCCs for you to select from.MORE THAN JUST SEARCH RESULTS- Easily identify all the locations belonging to participating Health Networks- Notify the provider ahead of time- Notify loved ones where you are headed- Get driving directions- Checkout accepted insurances (where available)- Create patient profiles to have all important information handyWe are working tirelessly to add more useful features and partner with Health Systems to get you the best care you deserve.
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