Sleep Tracker

PrimeNap is a sleep tracker and sleep cycle alarm clock with many features for you to graph your sleep patterns and wake up at the perfect time feeling refreshed.Features: Free sleep tracker (graphs all sleep stage estimates: Awake, REM, N1, N2, N3 deep sleep) Sleep cycle alarm clock with up to 40 parameters (small in-app purchase, can be tested for 2 weeks) Multitouch snooze (5 minutes per finger) Cinema/Night mode screen dimmer with optional red filter Dream journal with custom dream sign recognition Sleep stats for user-specified daily activities Sleep sounds that stop automatically once the app thinks you have fallen asleep. Choose your own music or from a range of included sounds.Alarm components 1st component: Wake-up light - any custom image or screen color 2nd component: Nature sound - here you can choose from a range of included sounds 3rd component: Ringtone - your custom mp3 music file 4th component: Vibration - a configurable pattern of vibration pulsesIncluded sleep sounds Air-conditioning Crickets Fireplace Fishtank Rainstorm Indoors Seashore Train Travel Water Flowing and many more sounds that will guide you to sleepBenefits of using a sleep tracker and sleep cycle alarm clockWith modern day work schedules, our sleep patterns have become widely irregular and oftentimes much shorter than they should be. PrimeNap Sleep Tracker can help you analyze your sleeping patterns and correct them if necessary. Using PrimeNap's smart alarm functionality, you can avoid being pulled out of deep sleep by a well-meaning time-based alarm clock, and instead wake up gently after sleep cycle completion and thereby simulate a natural awakening.How it works: Movement during sleep is known to roughly correlate with the actual sleep stages obtained by polysomniography. This sleep movement is registered by the phone and translated into fairly accurate sleep cycle information.Recommended use: Use this sleep app with proper hardware. If convenient, switch on airplane/flight mode to minimize any emissions. Reboot or close other apps that might cause the phone to heat up during the night.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Android
System Requirements None