Vocera Secure Texting provides a secure, easy to use, HIPAA-compliant alternative to SMS that leverages the Vocera platform to allow secure texting and voice communication between physicians and care teams. It uses Vocera's synchronized clinical directory, powerful call routing, and workflow capabilities to enable physicians to securely communicate with the extended care team, empowering hospitals to manage and improve overall patient experience and help reduce costs.Users of Vocera Secure Texting features include: - Secure, traceable, HIPAA compliant texting between Vocera Secure Texting and Vocera Collaboration Suite users- Access to a hospital controlled directory of clinical users- Seamless communication to Vocera wearable Badges including call by name and call by role capabilities- Ability to set communication preferences and availability Vocera System Requirements - Vocera System software 4.4.3 or higher- Vocera Messaging software 5.2 or higher for communication with Vocera Collaboration Suite- Vocera Secure Texting 2.1 Synch Connector Service- Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway
Operating System Android