Relax: Keep calm, Meditate or Just Chill

Just choose the sounds that you like and create your favorite combination, sleep, meditation, yoga, relieve stress, beat the anxiety and insomnia or just enjoy the sounds of nature and relax...Relax will also help to sleep easily thanks to the timer that closes the application by itself.Want to go as high as mountains?Want to dive to the deepest of the sea?Want to have a feel of beach without going there?Want to meditate like never before?Want to experience tornado without being with it?Want to get a deep sleep like never before?Want to experience all the world without even moving?Then this is the best app for you and the persons you know and your decision was right and will make you feel more pride!"Keep Listening, keep calm, keep your mind in heaven's arm!"Relax have adaptations for everyone:- Sea Side- Urban- Park- Mountanious- Meditational- Forest- Home- Binuaral- Isochronic- 100+ sounds to feel over!Available functions:- Save your phone's juice with timer - Mix sounds between any environment. Customize it as you want. - Hight quality sound - More than 100 soothing sounds available - Natural and artificial sounds - Listen to the sounds at background while you are doing other things to keep calm - Extend your mind the variety of binaural beats - Interface designed to prevent eyestrain - Control the volume of each sound to make your perfect environment - Calm down your little kids with the nature sounds - Regain your health and vitality - Overcome anxiety and insomnia Connect with us:Email:
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