Almost every other lifting app is inconvenient to use or it forces you into an ineffective training approach. POLift is ideal for those of us who want to continuously push ourselves each session using a structured, systematic approach to achieving progressive overload. POLift stands for Progressive Overload Lifting. Using POLift solves two main causes of weightlifting stagnation: not tracking your lifts so you do not even know that you have stagnated, and not having a systematic and planned-out approach to increasing the weight you are lifting over time. The core of POLift's functionality helps you achieve progressive overload by automatically increase the weight when you hit the upper limit for the number of reps for your desired rep range. The main goal when developing POLift was to minimize the time that the user must spend interacting with the app while in the gym. We try to ask the user for as little amount of information as possible when in the gym by remembering your previous weight and automatically increasing the weight when you reach your rep count threshold. Also, the rest period time is preprogrammed by the user, and the timer automatically starts when the user submits the previous exercise's rep count. As a result, all the user has to do is enter the rep count and press a button to submit it. The device will produce a distinct vibration pattern when it is time to start your next set.Additional features:* No account registration necessary* It does plate math for you. Exercises can be configured to accommodate almost any type of plate calculation you will encounter in the gym. The plate counts will display on the screen when you are performing your routine. * You can track progress over time using 1-rep max graphs* When you begin your routine, you can choose to follow a warmup routine that is based on the first exercise in your routine. A note on safety: POLift will encourage you to push yourself to do as many reps as you can. When doing this sort of training in particular, it is important that you follow a few best practices. When you are submitting your rep count to the POLift app, only count the reps that you do with good form and with the full range of motion. Otherwise, you will end up increasing the weight before you are ready.
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