Breg Flex Patient

Breg Flex is a first-of-its-kind mobile health technology for orthopedics. Clinicians can easily and proactively monitor a patient's at-home rehab, enhancing patient access to care. Patients use Breg Flex's unique sensor technology to accurately track their range-of-motion and therapy adherence data. Range-of-motion (ROM), exercise completion, VAS pain scores, and other "orthopedic vitals" are securely sent to clinicians in real-time to assist with care decisions and keep the patient on track to a healthy outcome. Breg Flex supports the transition of patients from costly post-acute care treatment options to at-home self-care with remote monitoring and outpatient PT. The Breg Flex solution consists of two custom designed apps (Patient and Clinician) and a specialized sensor for the patient to wear during their therapy episode. The ultimate goal of the Flex solution is to help accomplish the triple aim of lower costs, better outcomes and an improved patient experience.For patients, their Breg Flex app is designed to create a simple yet engaging experience. Descriptive videos guide them through the setup and preparation process. During their activities, the on-screen avatar follows their sensor movement and guides them through their daily activity list. Patients receive a Breg Flex Score each day to show their progress and earn badges as they journey to healthy. Their ROM, activity completion and pain data is shared in real-time with their health care team. In addition, secure in-app communication enables them to bring Breg Flex with them wherever they go living life unbound.For clinicians, Breg Flex's simple yet robust dashboard allows them to monitor their patient's quickly and efficiently. Color coded icons provide simplicity, clarity and focus when evaluating patients. Each patient is assigned a protocol or set of activities specific to their needs. As the patient progresses, activities can easily be updated and assigned as needed. In-app communication creates a quick, powerful avenue to extend care to the patient remotely. Breg Flex's mobility provides well spent to patients and clinicians every step of the way.
Operating System Android