***** FOR CLINICAL USE ONLY *****TempTraq is a Bluetooth continuous temperature monitor in the form of a one-time use, disposable patch. The patch senses, records and transmits body temperature via Bluetooth Version 4.0. Temperature information from the patch is monitored using a smart device (Apple or Android with Bluetooth Version 4.0 capability running the TempTraq app). TempTraq measures under-the-arm "axillary" temperature and this is converted to an oral temperature which is displayed in the TempTraq app.The TempTraq Connect clinical system enables remote continuous monitoring of patient temperature by clinicians. The system consists of the TempTraq patch worn by the patient, a patient smart device running the TempTraq Patient app, the TempTraq Connect cloud service and a clinician smart device running the TempTraq Clinician app.
Operating System Android