So you have to take the kids to school, pick the kids up from school, fix snacks, then homework. That leaves you no time for any type of exercise or training.Diets are not working for you. Yo-yoing up and down. You lose 30 and gain 40. You want to be able to RUN around with your kids and not just WATCH them play. No Accountability What about you feeling like you can't get out the bed because the extremely difficult workout meant for the advanced client.Nothing is working for you.Say you could have EVERYTHING you need EVERYWHERE you go.Changes to your Daily Habits and Changing how you think about food will lead you making Healthy Decisions.Stay Focused Stay Fit and live a healthy lifestyle with FocusFitnessbyAdonis Online Coaching. Join Certified Personal Trainer Adonis Robinson as he walks with you, developing healthy habits and helps you to change what you think about food and how it affects the body.Download the App for Free and start your journey to a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle.
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