Nitric Oxide Test by Berkeley Fit is the *original* app for recording and analyzing nitric oxide test results in context of nitric oxide potent foods and their impact upon your blood pressure.When used with nitric oxide test strips by Berkeley Test, Nitric Oxide Test by Berkeley Fit enables consumers to easily measure and track their whole-body nitric oxide levels. Maintaining high nitric oxide levels is well known to contribute to our overall cardiovascular fitness and athletic performance.In 1998, the Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery of the very important role that nitric oxide plays in cardiovascular health and wellness. Vegetables such as beets and leafy greens, including spinach and arugula, are well-known as nitric oxide potent foods.Because nitric oxide levels are well known to fluctuate in response to changes in diet and exercise, consumers can now use nitric oxide test strips with Nitric Oxide Test by Berkeley Fit to optimize their dietary intake of nitric oxide potent foods.Measuring nitric oxide status with nitric oxide test strips is recommended by elite athletes, nutritionists, and physicians who advocate balanced whole food diets rich in vegetables and leafy greens that promote cardiovascular health and wellness.Using Nitric Oxide Test by Berkeley Fit with nitric oxide test strips by Berkeley Test enables you to:* Measure your current nitric oxide status* Automatically scan and record your latest nitric oxide test strip reading using the powerful Android camera* Log your daily intake of leafy greens and vegetables from ever growing list of 47 nitric oxide potent foods.* Log the results of your latest blood pressure reading.* Automatically import blood pressure readings recorded on compatible blood pressure devices from Nokia Withings, Omron, and iHealth. * See the impact that consistently elevated nitric oxide levels have upon your blood pressure.* Identify which natural foods best allow you to maintain your desired nitric oxide levels* Help you maintain compliance with heart healthy diets such as the Mediterranean and DASH diets* Know when your nitric oxide levels are falling so that you can make real-time dietary adjustments and restore your desired nitric oxide levels for maximum athletic performance and vascular fitness©2017 Berkeley Fit. Patent Pending.Berkeley Test is a registered trademark of Berkeley NOX Limited.
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