Best Belly Dance Fitness Workout

Belly Dancing for Fitness Belly dancers aren't just wiggling and jiggling their hips; they're getting an ab workout that sculpts almost every single muscle in their core -- even the hard-to-target, deep transverse abdominals, says Rania Androniki Bossonis, author of Belly Dancing for Fitness (Fair Winds Press, 2004). Do this 10-minute routine once a day and you'll shimmy your way to a sexy stomach. In this app you can get lots of Tutorials for belly dance.this is the best app for enjoying the best relaxing Arabic music, and start your belly fat burning workouts. Many women after pregnancy have found belly dancing a great way to lose those extra pounds and have fun as well.Enjoy dancing at home and in the gym. Make yourself sexy while improving your Belly dance. These Belly dance videos are especially good for exercising the tummy and reducing/keeping off the mid waist fat. This app contains most popular video for belly dance workout to lose weight and they have been specially made for all levels users,beginner and advanced exercises for you to exercise at home or gym. Enjoy this amazing belly dance with this talented, impressive and captivating dancer. Watch this amazing belly dance and enjoy sensuously, undulating hip movements , sensual flair and the seductive grace of the feminine body.
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