AugmentCare: Doctor Appointments Medicine Delivery

AugmentCare offers a complete package of healthcare services in the palm of your hand for the people of Pakistan. The free app allows you to: - Search through a database of doctors by name, specialty, or the condition to be treated - Select a doctor of choice and book an online or physical appointment - Video call the doctor at the time of your consultation - Chat with a doctor via an instant messaging feature - Order your medication in one click from Fazal Din's Pharma Plus and have it delivered in 2 hours - Pay for your appointment through debit card, credit card or at the physical location (offline appointment)Use AugmentCare when you: - Need to speak to a doctor but don't know which doctor to consult - Are confused about whether you need to consult a doctor at all and which specialist - Want to make an online or offline appointment instantly - Prefer to avoid the traffic and save time, energy, and travelling expenditure - Choose to avoid sitting in the waiting room for hours - Want to order medicines from Fazal Din's Pharma Plus straight to your doorstep in 2 hours - Need to avoid inconvenient appointment cancellations - Desire convenience and efficiency in your healthcare experience - Have a follow-up question to ask your doctor - Demand multiple payment options to pay for your healthcare servicesThese everyday problems are solved by AugmentCare's superb healthcare app which allows you to search for a doctor from a large database of specialists and general practitioners, select and book an appointment with a specialist of choice, and chat with or video call your doctor for a consultation. The app allows you to easily pay through numerous payment options, completing your appointment quickly and easily.Now you can save time, energy, and hassle, and also organize your medical records for a smoother healthcare experience. Fall in love with taking care of yourself and start living healthy all the time! Conditions Treated:The app has doctors from numerous specialties who provide treatment for various conditions: The conditions treated include: - Depression - C-Section births - Pre-term births - Cataracts - LASIK - Hair diseases - Bed bugs - Dermatitis - Myocardial Infarcation - Coronary Artery Disease - Multiple Personality Disorder - Schizophrenia - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Bipolar Mood Disorder - Stress Disorder - Blood pressure - Pregnancy symptoms - Migraine - Anxiety - Hypertension - Acneand many more! In the future, AugmentCare will offer: The facility of stay-at-home lab tests and reports onlineThe ability to talk to doctors via voice callMore payment options This is a beta version, please report any inconveniences or problems to We will be continuously innovating to offer a better experience and exceptional features! Stay in touch with your online doctor in Pakistan!
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