The spryTrack 180 is a compact and mobile optical pose tracking system at the edge of the technology with no compromises on speed nor precision.The extremely compact spryTrack is composed of two cameras designed to detect and track fiducials (reflective spheres, disks and/or IR-LEDs) with high precision in real time video streams. Triangulation enables retrieving 3D position of each fiducial with submillimetric accuracy. When several fiducials are affixed to a marker, its pose (orientation and position) is calculated with 6 degrees of freedom (x,y,z,,,). The spryTrack has the ability to provide 3D positions of the markers over Bluetooth Low Energy and USB.This application uses Bluetooth Low Energy to setup and operate a spryTrack 180. It allows the user to view the markers positions in real time and in 3D.
Operating System Android