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Want to lose weight but don't know how? Asken Diet has everything you need to better understand your diet and nutritional intake. Simply log your meals to receive personalized meal advice from our team of dietitians and nutritionists. Asken takes your weight goals and health data and creates a plan to help guide you to become a healthier you. Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain it, join millions like you who are learning how to adjust their diet and lifestyle habits with Asken.Our digital A.I. dietitian provides real scientific advice curated from our team of hundreds of dietitians and nutritionists. It's more than a simple calorie counter, Asken will monitor your meal record and provide you with actionable advice to hit your target weight loss goals.As you use it, Asken Diet learns your diet habits and adjusts the nutritionist's advice so that it always remains helpful and uniquely tailored to you and your diet and body weight goals.KEY FEATURES- Track All Nutrients -- Count calories, fat, protein, carbs, fiber, vitamins, and more- Food Insights -- Learn exactly what is in the foods you are eating- Personalized Feedback -- Get nutritional advice specifically written for you- Food Database -- Our database includes millions of foods. Create your own too- Meal Photo Analysis (beta) -- Snap a photo of your meal to log it all at once- Bar code Scanner -- Simply scan bar codes to log foods- Calorie Counter -- Asken automatically calculates calories in your foods and meals- Body Function Tracking -- Menstrual cycles and bowel movements can be tracked in appHOW IT WORKSStarting with Asken Diet is easy! After downloading, our digital dietitian will ask you about yourself and your health goals. Asken works around your diet goals to provide nutrition and diet advice based on the food and exercise you log. Free users get daily nutritional advice after logging three daily meals. Premium users get dietary advice after each meal.SET GOALS AND GET SUPPORT TO HIT THEMWhether you want to push hard or take your time to hit your ideal body weight or even body fat percentage, our app will set your daily goals for calories taken in and calories burned. As you log your food and track exercises, your personal nutritionist will adjust your feedback each day after monitoring your data. You'll get the best advice unique to you to keep you motivated to lose weight, all while having fun dieting!TRACKING FOOD IS EASYAsken has a huge and growing database of millions of foods curated from US and Canadian food sources. Users can create their own food items and our team of nutritionists will research those user-generated foods to add any missing nutritional content. The result is an amazing database of food that's useful to all users.NUTRITIONAL INSIGHTSLooking for more than just calorie counting to get out of a weight loss rut? Asken will chart your nutrition data across 15 different nutrients and food groups. This gives you the most detailed picture of your nutritional intake and your A.I. dietitian will give you insights on where you can make improvements to your diet.CONNECT APPS AND DEVICESConnect with Google Fit and Fitbit apps to easily track calories burned. Outdoor activities, chores, dancing and almost any activity that gets you up and burning calories can be tracked with the app. As you log your exercise, your A.I. dietitian will adjust the daily advice and nutritional feedback so you have the clearest picture of your current health and diet.MORE TO COMEOur app originates from Japan where we have millions of users loving Asken. Next features we are bringing from our Japanese app to our North American app:- Healthy recipes to try based on your current diet plan and weight goals - Community features & blog to get support from others on your weight loss- Dietary or food culture customization- Got a question?Let us know Open the app > Menu button > Help
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