MEHAB- Mobile Therapy

Mehab provides evidence-based self-directed rehabilitation protocols via mobile devices.A low-cost alternative to formal care. It is a comprehensive program that includes simple to follow instructions and information with video demonstration of exercises, and tracking and reporting.***FREE 7 Day Trial***Our protocols are backed by science and built by licensed physicians and physical therapists. We are the #1 trusted app for self-directed rehabilitation. Appropriately designed home rehab protocols have been proven to be just as effective formal care.Users can save up to and over 97% over formal care. Access to protocols is just $9.99/MONTH with unlimited sessions vs. $30 or more PER SESSION.Cancel anytime!***FREE 7 Day Trial***SIMPLE. SAFE. COMPREHENSIVE. COST EFFECTIVE.CONVENIENT. SIMPLE: - Step-by-step instructions- User friendly- No specialized equipment- Designed to be performed at homeSAFE:- Developed by licensed medical professionals- Exceeds current standard of home programs- Research guided development- Videos for accuracy of exercises- Daily pain level tracking- Weekly functional assessments- Built-in safety triggers catch potential problems early- Incremental progression based upon healingCOMPREHENSIVE- Phase specific goals, instructions, precautions, progression criteria- Video instruction for every exercise- Detailed exercise instruction- Exercise parameters: Sets, reps, freq.- Tracking & Reporting of adherence, pain, function, and overall progressCOST EFFECTIVE- Save up to 97% over formal care- $9.99 per MONTH vs. $30 per SESSION!- Cancel Anytime!- Unlimited sessions- No restrictionsCONVENIENT- Rehab any where, any time- 24/7 access- Compatible with Android & Apple mobile devices- No driving to/from appointments- Instant progress overview with "My Reports"- Rehab when its best suits your schedule. 3am? Not a problem. Sunday? We're open!
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