IMCA - serves as an innovation-hub for the future in the medicine field. The necessity at the stage that the American Hospital had reached after 8 years of experience, brought the necessity that this colossal work and experience must be presented to the medical world in Albania and beyond. The idea and the design of the congress is a courtesy of Lindita Shosha Mano MD. PhD with great support from American Hospital CEO, Klodian Allajbeu, M.D and with the tremendous hard work of the Medical Doctors team.The American Hospital Group has established a new strategy for the coming years to training of medical staff (continuing education) by joining medical education with hospital achievements. This was the most appropriate time to launch an international multidisciplinary Congress touching all medical disciplines and transforming the knowledge into practical knowledge from different perspective. Given that the American Hospital has international staff, a significant number of Key Lectures are invited at the congress to enhance these experiences, to face different results and join energies to reach the best performance in all areas.It Is not just a medical congress, it is a challenging environment where the most enhanced and complex ideas are transformed into real live experiences form the best doctors.
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